FIND YOUR PARK … the First T of Philantrophy

When we think of philanthropy, we imagine deep pockets, successful dotcom executives and long term endowments.  But there is more to giving than wealth.  Think… time!  That’s right, the first T of philanthropy is the gift of time.  Just ask these young people! 

On April 21st the Buena High School Environmental Club was awarded the National Park Service’s prestigious Hartzog Volunteer Youth Group Award, picked from youth groups nominated from over 400 national parks sites. The honor didn’t come easy. For over 17 years members of Buena’s Environmental Club – nearly 1,000 students over that long haul – made monthly trips to Anacapa Island during the school year, working to successfully remove a species of nonnative ice plant, an exercise in perseverance (if you’ve ever seen ice plant spread, you know) and belief. 

As part of the FIND YOUR PARK campaign, CBS National News correspondent David Begnaud traveled to Channel Islands National Park with members of the Buena club to better understand how the parks inspire and how the park service’s Centennial campaign is reaching out to young people.

Watch the story at:…/the-national-park-service-helps-y…/

Buena’s students weren’t the first teens to exhibit the power of belief on the Channel Islands. On Santa Cruz Island, there’s a lovely place called Delphine’s Grove. Most visitors know it as the small stand of cypress pines, reached by a short hike up Smuggler’s Road from the campground. What many visitors don’t know is the huddle of trees were planted by Delphine Grove, the oldest child of Justinian Caire (who supervised a ranching operation on the island that began around 1880). Naysayers told Delphine her fledgling cypress would never grow; that she was wasting her time, the bluff is dry and virtually without water.

Now you can stretch out beneath the cypress, listening to the wind whisper through the boughs, and know naysayers are often wrong and the time invested was so well worth it.