The Three Key Strategies of Our Work

  1. Connect: the community to Channel Islands National Park to inspire stewardship through education, communications to current supporters and strategic outreach to underrepresented populations and millennials, and fun(d)raising.
  2. Inspire: philanthropic generosity through relationship development, mission driven initiatives and convenings that utilize the time and talent of our community.
  3. Strengthen: organizational capacity to catalyze commitment through strategic development, initiative design, and systems infrastructure.

Annual Report 2015: Channel Islands Park Foundation

Our Initiatives are as Diverse as the Island Ecosystem

Bring the Islands Home funds native plant garden efforts through the sales of native and endemic plants cultivated by volunteers at the park’s Native Plant Garden. If you are interested in one of our native plant sales, click here.

Island Academies funds the travel for students to connect with Channel Islands National Park. Our first effort funds buses to bring over 1,500 area 4th graders to the visitor center in celebration of the National Park Centennial, click here.

Lighthouse Keepers our premiere campaign to recognizes and catalyzes the time, talent and treasure of volunteers and employees. Our aim is to build a broad base of diverse stewards who understand and appreciate the fragile island ecosystems and rich cultural legacies. Lighthouse Keepers act to preserve them for generations to come. If you are a Channel Islands Park volunteer or employee, click here.

Friends of the Island Fox funds efforts to save the endangered island fox (Urocyon littoralis) on the California Channel Islands through conservation and education programs. To learn more, click here.

Surf and Turf: Island Stories to Feed the Heart and Soul is a fun(d)raising series of storytelling evenings designed to connect and inspire. If you have a story about the islands that you would like to share at one of our events, we would love to hear it.

Nature’s Classroom is an effort to align island learning opportunities to current California learning standards. Our islands provide an engaging place-based experience that makes learning memorable and relevant.

Preserving the Past: Protecting our Story is a capital campaign to maintain the cultural heritage of Channel Islands National Park. Current efforts include making the Scorpion windmill functional and stabilizing the meat shed.

Namesake Neighbors is a fundraising campaign targeting businesses named after the islands to partner with Channel Islands Park Foundation. If you are a business owner in the area, click here.

Boating Benefactors is a fundraising campaign to connect the Foundation with the wonderful community of boat owners in the area. If you are a boat owner, click here.